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Default First SMS on a Charger SRT8 (pics/numbers/vid)

Here is the worlds first SMS 296 Supercharger on a Charger SRT8, put on my car a little while back (finished 4/1/10) by Krazy House Customs, the pulley it came with gave me 4 psi, which was enough to make 441 rwhp and 439 rwtq...soon after i had some DRs on and i snapped a half shaft...well after a lot of waiting on the Drive Shaft Shop to ship them, I finally got them the other day, put them on and tuned the car with the smaller puller which turns out gives me 6.6 psi

The numbers are, on 6.6 PSI ----- 496 rwhp and 499 rwtq

Here are a couple vids of the runs, the car sounds completely different depending on which end you're listening from

Here is the whine, for which i decided to name my charger The Banshee

And the Exhaust, which i think is a little too quiet for my liking lol

Here are a few pics of the beast sitting in the bay

Here is my Getrag Differential and 1000HP axles

And last but not least my Dyno Sheet! This shows 3 different runs:
My Best naturally Aspirated run with a Diablo Tune/CAI/Exhaust = 373 rwhp and 385 rwtq
My Best FI run with 4 PSI = 441 rwhp and 439 rwtq
My Best run on 6.6 PSI (my current set up) = 496 rwhp and 499 rwtq

And its all done on a mustang dyno

All the work on this car was done by Krazy House Customs (SMS Dealer) and I've got to say they did a hell of a job, I'm extremely happy with it
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