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Default sway bar linkage question

I have had a couple GT's from these years and now have an '06 Saleen S281. I replaced the shocks and struts as I did with all of my past Mustangs. Things were all good up until about a month ago when I started hearing a rumbling noise for the right front. As in my previous Mustangs, the sway bar linkage is the issue. But this time it's not just a matter of tightening the nut. It seems that the linkage bushings are shot and no matter how tight I get the nut the noise is not going away. Just wondering if the linkage is the same as a GT or if it is Saleen specific? I want to replace both of them, but don't want to order a GT part and find out that it's not the correct size. I notice that the sway bar is not stock, but hoping they just put that on with the original GT linkage. Thanks for any info you can supply.
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