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Ok, so more updates. After finding out the motor is knocking and needa a full tear down and rebuild, i decided to change plans a bit with the truck. My original goal was to keey everything original (as much as possible considering the collision) and rebuild the truck exactly as Saleen did. However, after the revelation of a (currently) useless 5.0, i decided to change that. I had a 2000 Limited 5.0 AWD i bought as a donor for another project (my 1992 Mazda Navajo) however, considering i need to get this truck running by end of june, and a motor rebuild would knock that goal in the trash, we are now using the Limited donor drivetrain, as well as converting the this XP8 not only to AWD (originally 2wd) but also doing a Limited trim out - meaning the XP8 is now getting the following features:

Automatic Temp Control (digital HVAC)
Message Center
Memory Seats
Heated Seats
Redunadant Audio Controls (not at first, since i will have to have a steering wheel made that has the carbon fiber inlays)
Heated Side mirrors (while still using the carbon fiber overlays)

We will still use the factory XLT leather seats, however, we will simply move over the memory seat trac and heated functions and install them into the original seats.

Now that i have a game plan going on, i can now move forward with installing more of the body. Last you saw, we had just got the truck back from paint

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