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Got more done this weekend and on the 4th. Now that the chassis is pretty much completed, attention moved over to the drivetrain. The donor motor ran fine, just needed a hella cleaning, but the transmission was completely junked up - the trans cooler inside the radiator cracked, which caused coolant to mix inside the trans, completely destroying all the soft parts. So when we had the drivetrain pulled out of the donor, i had the trans rebuilt professionally with new clutchs, bands, solenoid pack, gaskets and seals, and new pump. when i got it back, i wirewheeled it and cleaned it up and just painted it with some aluminum style paint to look good and prevent oxidation. Next, was simply resealing the engine with new gaskets, new water pump, and new seals all around. Due to texas heat and working outside, work does move slow, but steady. also got the (new to me) torque monster headers installed and ready to go. tonight, should be installing the new flex plate, rear main seal, and hopefully stab the transmission in behind the motor. after that, its a matter of cleaning and painting the transfer case, drive shafts, exhaust system, and fuel tank and the body should be ready to go back on to the frame by sunday-ish. Anyway, more pictures:

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