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Default Improved gas millage

Tried a product that was just two wire hook up to the IAT/MAF sensor, after 100 mile break in my white lable went from 21.8 mpg highway at 77 mph average to 24.9 mpg at 82mph average on the same 165 mile trip. On the street went from 16.9 to 20.1 with normal and alittle Saleen performance driving. Will be going to check on Dyno (second trip there) during first week of April. For product states it increases rear wheel HP any where from 10-30 Hp. Check with app Road Race and before 0-60 4.34 now 4.17 . Will post results once HP change when I have it. But the gas savings was a pleasent surprise for around $75 and that includes shipping. Check it out at In AZ the premiun price $3.54 it will take about 8-10 fill ups to pay for itself. Big improvement at low street speeds in higher gears more of a smooth ride. Check it out
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