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Originally Posted by tfalk View Post
SPV or SMS? What number and color?

this is my first Saleen ever...Last car I owned was a 2010 Shelby GT500 convertible that we bought new....other than that, all my mustangs have been 65-69 fastbacks and such so Im not up to speed on Saleen stats so Im not sure what SPV or SMS mean sorry

She did mention it was number twenty something and we havent got that far yet with Saleen build sheet/VIN numbers etc

All the pics are on the Classic car trader Facebook page here

I did read on this forum that I can email someone the VIN to verify what Saleen model it is to verify

Hopefully from the pics you can tell what it is

Im trying to load pics but it doesnt seem to be working

Hopefully the links below work....Its only a few of them but there is more on the facebook page
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