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Originally Posted by 39Mustang View Post
I was seriously wanting to buy a new performance F150 being a current owner of a 2004 Lightning and seems Ford only cares about building Raptors so I was waiting for the Shelby F150 Super Snake as I knew the truck was coming long before they unveiled it but as soon as I found out that the entire truck was being built by Tuscany I no longer wanted one and $100k+ for a Shelby Super Snake F150 where only the badges are the only thing Shelby umm I'll pass.

Then I hear Saleen is gonna bring back their Sport Truck great news then I see it and not so excited anymore. My issue is the front grille/valance looks like it was rushed to get finished as the design and looks doesn't say **** this is bad ***. Its an F150 not a Mustang so why try to copy the looks. I'd like to see the valance/bumper cover have more function instead of large plastic mesh that serves no purpose other than preventing sucking in road kill. A splitter would be nice, custom LED lightning as there are a few companies who make custom grilles with LED lighting. I would have done a grille like the Raptors that instead of FORD its SALEEN.

I know the performance is there just needs a new body kit.

And PLEASE get rid of the 5 star wheel design it went out in the early 2000's

With Shelby not being an independent company now really kinda loses the luster to me. Now itís just another regular Ford like the Raptor. Saleen and Roush are the only real suppliers/builders now. If the Raptor was more limited Iíd probably bought one in Ď17 or Ď18. Thankfully I didnít because I always wanted another Saleen and missed the few s331 crews in a color Iíd take, and I refused to buy black-had a black Saleen fox in early-mid Ď90ís. I actually looked at a black blk level with everything Ford and/or Saleen has for a stupid low price, and it looked awesome, just couldnít do it. My white SC doesnít have all the options I really wanted but it spoke to me! LoL

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