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Im a big fan of TopGear original UK (TG USA SUCKS SOO BAD!) and there hosts although disappointed the fact they never tested the S7 in the past. They claimed it was because it was a car not sold in the UK, then they claimed other rediculous things, but by far the most insulting was Clarkson quote of the S7 being a fake European supercar, calling it 'rolling pornography' at an early TopGear live event. What JK didnt tell people.. and its my take on why the S7 was never tested was the simple fact the S7 at the time was winning all the European FIAGT events at the time (for several years running). and quite frankly was the fastest supercar around, its only true rival being the then new Ferrari Enzo. I believe he was afraid after all his US bashing (some of which was justified) the S7's perfomance wouldve put his own foot in his mouth and beat his beloved Ferrari's best.
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