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Hi all,
I had imagined that S7 production was stopped, since I went to saleen official website and found no infos or news about the supercar, but only infos regarding mustangs and co.
Anyway, the S7R is still running in Europe, there are at least 6 models racing on different championships.
In particular, the team 'Larbe Competition', who used to run Ferrari 550 maranello in the past and, more recently, some Aston Martin DBR9s, has now bought two Saleen S7R chassis which belonged to 'Oreca', the french team who's been running with the saleen s7r for two years, winning the french GT twice and the last LMS championship edition. These are probably the best and most updated chassis available, and at 'Larbre Competition' they have already declared what championships they are going to run in: both cars will run the entire french GT (FFSA Super SÚrie GT), one car the international FIA GT, another car the endurance championship Le Mans Series, and maybe both cars the 24hours of le mans. Just a note: they have already disputed the first French GT race weekend on Nogaro circuit, winning Race 1 and scoring a good 2nd position in the second Race.

Still remaining in France, we have the Tarres Team, with two Saleen S7R only racing in that championship (FFSA GT). Old chassis but well updated with good engines, they are fast competitive (one of the two cars scored 2nd in race 1, and 3rd in race 2)

Then we have PK Carsport and RBimmo-B Racing Team, both will run a Saleen S7R in the FIA GT (togheter with Labre Competion with only one car, as said before). PK Carsport is using another great chassis, the one run by Zakspeed in 2006, the German team who gained two victories in the FIA GT, proving several times to be faster than all the others, including Maserati MC12.
But this year the FIA GT is extremely competitive, with Maserati, Corvette, Aston Martin and Lamborghini, the first three at the top of development.

And this is it for now, I'll keep you updated as soon as races begin :)

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