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Default HELP: Trying to locate a source for Racecraft 420S decal graphics

As the title says, I'm trying to locate a source to refresh the graphics decal package on my Racecraft 420S (black w/ silver decals). So far, I've been coming up empty handed, even with trying to inquire with Saleen directly via emails over the last couple years. I understand that these are going to likely be a custom request, but I would think there would be some source somewhere that would have access to the original vector graphic files that could either loan/license/sell them to a graphics shop that could print out a vinyl print in whatever color we need. Saleen themselves appear to treat this vehicle as if it never existed so getting any info on it has been like pulling teeth.

Surely someone out there knows who to talk to that might be able to locate the files the original graphics were cut from so we can keep these cars looking fresh. Vinyl graphics are obviously one of the first things to deteriorate as the car ages and is outside more, and mine were already pretty weathered when I purchased the vehicle years back. At this point, 11 years of UV, car washes, and general wear and tear has done its work and I need to decide whether to debrand the vehicle (which I'd rather not do) or refresh the graphics which obviously is my preference as I get asked about the vehicle all the time and I always liked the look of them.

So if anyone knows someone, or has an idea as to what the right door would be to knock on for such a request, please help. I'm sure there has to be other owners out there (however many are left of the original 87) who would like to have the option to refresh as well. Thanks for any information you may be able to provide to this end.
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