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The original Motorcraft battery was a Group 58, I believe. This was also known as the "Heavy Duty Battery" during some model years, but I don't recall much. During the 1980s, when the 5-liter was an option on the LX, the big battery was not standard, if I recall. The GT model had the battery package as standard, but not the LX. At some point the LX 5.0 got the battery package as standard.

Is there evidence on the 1990 SSC and 1990 SC having the Champion battery as standard equipment? It was on paper, but were they ever installed?

When Lee Reese and I were looking at this... I believe we noticed Montgomery Ward Auto Centers sold a private-label battery with a very similar case to the Champion back-in-the-day. Or it at least "looked" similar in the advertisements.

Anyway, I typically buy Motorcraft batteries with the longest warranty period for the style/group I need. I was into Mustang Club of America shows years ago and Motorcraft batteries are less sinful than other brands when judging for correctness.
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