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Originally Posted by Specracer View Post
Seems like a pretty nice car. one detail I did notice, with regard to the ripped back seat. That is the OEM Ford interior, so will have a much better chance (vs impossible) to find a replacement (87-89 are flofit, and they are unattanium). its a "four eye" which is going to be a pretty rare car, and for 86 you do get the upside of FI.

Thank you sir. I do like the 4 eye Saleenís with the cool cover over them.

Iíve read on here I have a better chance of riding a unicorn with a leprechaun on my lap than finding those seats.

The pictures do show some sketch looking wiring under the hood, would like to know what thatís for, and of course no under carriage pictures. Will definitely be paying for an independent inspection first.

Thanks for the observations.

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