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Hello 2007-52,
I need to follow-up on the suspected A/C problem in PJ 501. You may have heard that it's wise, as we get older, to be able to laugh at ourselves in some of the things we do. Well, this is one of those situations. In my defense, I'm more familiar with the older Ford A/C and heater controls which only have the knobs. I hadn't used the PJ enough yet to realize that there's three buttons underneath those similar knobs and, low and behold, while I was laying awake in bed one night last week, it dawned on me that perhaps I didn't even have the A/C turned on. This actually turned out to be the case. I was driving it last Friday, I pushed the A/C button and, by golly, the A/C came to life and started blowing ice cold air. Praise the Lord! It appears that everything is indeed OK.

Don't feel as though your effort in responding to my post is in vain though as I'm sure that the information could come in very handy at some future date.
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