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Default I Just Bought A Saleen Wing For My Focus And I Need Your Help.

hey guys, i dont have a saleen focus but i have a 05 Ford Focus ZX5 SES, but anyway i just bought a saleen wing off of docsmith1 on and i love it. i knew when i bought it, it wouldnt come with hardware. he is going to draw up how to do it. Also i need help on how to wire up the 3rd brake light. So if anyone can help, that would be great and i know docsmith1 will help but the more the people the more input. So if anyone can post close ups on the wing so i can see how to put it on, that would be great. also a close where i wire up the 3rd brake light would be great to.
Badnews, Just got off the phone with saleen and they dont carry anything for the focus anymore so there is no way i can get the hardware from them.
Here are the pics of the backets i need:

Here the pics of the wing and i might keep it black because i have black projectors,about to nite shade my 3rd brake and the tails, black st grill and the fogs are black.

Here are pics of my car:

just got done nite shading the 3rd brake light on the wing:

Please help me if you can. Thanks.
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