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Default Q: Canadian car info?

Trying find out track down any info on a 1 owner 2006 Mustang GT convertible/ probably Saleen clone? Out of Canada. Believe car was sold new in Ottawa Canada. Car has solid car fax & auto check with 7000 miles. I called Saleen in CA. and it’s not in registry buy last 8 of vin.Also gave them bumper number, only info they would tell me was it didn’t come back with my last 8 of Vin.I went over the list I printed out for everything a 2006 Saleen should have, including options. This car is only missing about 4 off whole list what’s suppose to be on a 2006 Saleen. I even have the painted fiberglass roadster panels & sports bar. Hard to believe someone would buy a new car then and make it a clone when the money in it could have bought a real registered one.
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