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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Hi and welcome to the forums!

  • The headrests are Saleen, but the seat covers and foam are not.
  • Your seats look like they are using the stock Ford Mustang foam, the embroidery logos are too large (and red) and the seat cover design is a copy of the Saleen seats.
  • The styling bar is not the Saleen-design version with metal accent strip.
  • The Speedster kit is not the Saleen-design cover.

With the 2009 fire sale of Saleen parts, building an okay clone was not impossible, even down to owner manuals.
Who every did this spent a lot,Especially in Canadian money which cars are more then US. I having someone in Canada trying to find out history of car. Been researching on web some an that Auto Bugatti in 2005 & 2006 would take someone’s car new car and for $$$$ make it almost the real thing but not registered. Not sure if this is the case trying to fund out the story with this car. Came across in states sometime & Speedo panel changed to from Kil. to mph. Been I car dealers collection for some time.I haven’t seen any other fiberglass roadster panels out there so I wouldn’t know. I guess someone could find a 2006 Saleen owners manual. Even lower pulley on engine I saw says Saleen.
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