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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
The Canadian Saleen vehicles had their own production quirks.

You will find 2004 S281s were 2003 seating. 2006 S281s with 2005 seating.

In the states the S197 Saleen Mustangs were built from IUP equipped cars. In Canada some cars have the plastic dash and rubber steering wheels of base cars.

In Canada they used their Saleen conversion parts inventory until it was depleted, in the US if Saleen changed a part design it then went into use next model year... not so in Canada.
Yea, I hoping a guy in know in Quebec can find something out from 2006 on this car, it’s spotless 1 owner 7000 mile now car.Vin says it’s a 2006 Mustang GT deluxe.Had dealer run Carfax it was a Canada & Canadian registered one owner. It does have that plastic dash you said.But has a leather steering wheel. I printed out the list of what a 2006 Saleen C281 stranded features and specs. should have.Only 3 things it doesn’t have, one 200 Speedo changed out when came to states changed from frost Kilometers to mph.2. Numbered plaque w/vin & number,3. Saleen key fob,

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