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Originally Posted by seelye76 View Post
Just seeing if anyone else has issues with grinding the gear going into second. It seems to happen way more than it should and I have the clutch fully depressed. My car has 16000 miles and seems very soon for the syncros to be going out. I was talking to another Saleen owner this weekend (he has a 2005) and he said his grinds frequently too and he has 7000 miles. Any thoughts?
Mine did it quite a bit as well. You have to learn to be patient when shifting this transmission. If you try to power shift, it will do it. All my mustang friends, even GT mustangs do it. However it seems to not do it now that i have my Steeda Tri Ax in.. I think its almost like it gets pushed passed the gear with the stock shifter when shifting in hard.

Just a thought.
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