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Originally Posted by S281SC-95 View Post
So I am at point of power to where i either need to build my engine or sell it as is and start over. I have a 01 281-SC that has a steigy ported blower, Cams, Full Exhaust, Fuel System with some good supporting mods. At about 14 psi i pushing the limits of the stock short block and i am considering doing a Twin Turbo Termi Swap... The car has 56K miles with all the mods done around 50K and i have had mustangs my whole life but new to the Saleens. If i do this build is it going to kill the value and/or be hard to sell? is the value already gone with the mods i have done? i love the car and dont plan on selling it but if that was the case i would just sell it and pick up a coyote to put twins on as i do tend to rotate cars every couple years just to start fresh builds. Just curious as to how these things hold value stock vs slightly modded vs heavily modded.. I would hate to kill a great car just because i want to go fast.

Thanks for any advice, Tyler

It is already going to be a limited market based off certain modifications compared to a factory example: it will be an easier sale with the 2V drivetrain. The amount of time labor and money people would rather buy a cobra than a Saleen body with a 4V. If you want to modify it, do it, itís your car. But there wonít be much return on investment. Especially the cost of 4Vís and the ability to do the same with coyotes if not better.

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