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Originally Posted by slowstang305 View Post
Sounds like your car is breaking up under load, I would look into a fuel issue at this point.

I ordered from Jason a few years ago, he was extremely helpful, and EXTREMELY knowledgeable.
Thanks for the reply, I was wondering if it could possibly be an issue related to the Traction control, I have only noticed this issue with the traction control on, have not noticed it with it off, though the thought just popped into my head so maybe I should test this further. it happens high in the RPM range only in 2nd and 3rd gear, I can't imagine breaking the tires free in 2nd at 5000+ rpms with the car being completely stock, especially not in 3rd gear at such high rpms, but then again I could be wrong, But I havent noticed any wheel spin at all yet, though I have not dumped the clutch, it seems to grip extremely well and makes full boost, maybe i don't know how to drive a mustang? LOL

Then again, the car was only driven roughly 800 miles a year for the past 15 years, perhaps it's got a dirty fuel filter..
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