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maybe the dumb question of the day. I have several tunes for my car. One from Brenspeed, and one from BBR, I also have a JDM tune but it no longer will work as I have changed the CAI system since the tune was written. If I have the car dyno tuned how is that tune saved? Is it saved to my tuner? I'm thinking if something happens and I want to reflash my computer how is that done. I wouldn't want to spend the money to have a special tune done only to have it get dumped by accident or changed at the dealer.

2007 Shelby GT, Saleen SC Stage 3 with 3.0 pulley,mosaleen tensioner sys. UCA,LCA,BMR A arm Brace, SVE Dark Stainless 18x10's, Nitto NT05's, MGW Shifter, Pypes LT's with off-road X pipe, Bassani Axle backs, FRP 3.73's,BMR Watts Link, Steeda shaft loop, JLT 110mm CAI, FRP valve Covers, Brenspeed tuned. 12.425@114.63 4800 feet on Nitto 555's. Latest dyno is 492hp/463tq.
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