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Originally Posted by 07s281sc View Post
Just wondering what you guys use for cleaning the Saleen plastics, grille, louvers, and around the rear plate? Also any tips on what I can use to treat the exterior weatherstripping? This is for a 2007 s281 sc thanks!
I recommend Mothers Protectant for textured plastics and rubber and the like.

A little trick I learned is to take 1 part Protectant and 1 or 2 parts water and mix in a separate adjustable nozzle sprayer (mark it so you know what it is). This makes it easy to finely mist it over broader areas, and it's especially nice on the honeycomb grilles of the older cars that are impossible to deal with. The mist allows you to get a thinner, more even coat, and when the extra water evaporates it looks natural and should require little if any buffing. It's also great for under the hood. Any overspray can be wiped away with an Instant Detailer like Mothers Showtime or a Spray Wax (or lay towels or mask to minimize overspray).

I'll gladly send you a sample.
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