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I love some of adams polishes stuff! Especially the VRT and in-and-out spray! They are two of my "go-too's" in my detailing arsenal. Highly recommend all Saleen owners to try the VRT and in-and-out because of all the black plastic stuff on our cars.

When I was first looking for a polisher I was looking at a Porter (personally, best bang for your buck), the Meguiars (a friend has one), and a Flex 3401. Throughout all my research I kept coming back to the Flex 3401 so that's the one I bought. If you have the money right now for a Porter just save a little extra and buy the Flex. It will be the last and only buffer you will ever buy.

As for compounds and polishes, I've always used Meguiars 105/205. You can also take it a step farther with Menzerna PO85RD ultimate finish polish. Than I'd top it off with one of the good nano sealants that are out. I have been a fan of Wolfgang deep gloss sealant but I think the new nano sealants that are out are better at scratch resistance and longevity. You could try CarPro Cquartz or the Optimum Opti-Seal (new personal favorite). Also, after the sealant has cured you can even top it with a nice carnauba like Wolfgang Fuzion.

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