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Originally Posted by Nightstalker View Post

I use this one on my Boss. It doesn't have a whole lot of black on it, but this stuff works great on the parts that do. Works great on the decals as well.
This is actually not a bad product by turtle wax. I have used it along with the black box when I first bought my car.

Now, I use a pretty big variety of stuff. Griots speed wipe, just because I can get it if I need it quickly (advance auto). Meg's last/final touch, just because you can get it in bulk for the cheap (2 gallons for $40 on Autogeek). Adam's polishes qd is good but also more on the expensive side like griots. I do like mother's showtime, buy sometimes its hard to come across. I also like chemical guys speed wipe and also synthetic QD, both very affordable. I HIGHLY recommend chemical guys hybrid v7! If anyone hasn't tried it you are truly missing out. Go order it right now! Lol.

Honestly, unless the qd has carnauba or a sealant in it you are pretty much going to get the same end result. The look is mainly all in the paints prep (polish/compound).

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