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I will have to say I used Meguiars /Mothers and Adams quick detailer, but this last time I went to the local Wal-Mart to pick some up, they were all sold out. I stumbled on a product that I never seen before by Zymol called Deep gloss detailer spray, only one bottle left so I bought it.
I have to say I like this product, I got caught in the rain and when I came home to wipe the car down, I could not believe that almost all of the water beaded up and ran off the car. I started to wipe what water was left on it and to my amazement the paint surface was still slick.
I donít think I am going back to the other products.

1 of 4 Saleens produced in 2006 with this color/option package #969

JLT CAI/ 373 gears/ 3.25 Pulley/ Upgraded vacuum lines,
GT500 Fuel Pump/ Pre gapped plugs/ MGW Shifter/39lb injectors
Custom Dynojet Tuned/ MSD Digital Shift Light/ SCT Tuner.
Car pulled 466 RWH/421 Torque on dyno only at 6400 RPM
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