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Default Black trim treatment?

Originally Posted by renegaderadio View Post
Sorry about the delay, been slammed......

Thanks for the tips

Jim - I will look into the Mothers product...

Xx - I look forward to the before and after shots, kind of expensive product but it sounds like a permanent solution, I may go that route since its permanent......
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^^^ and the photos below are with 22ple trim coating. I still have a few high spots that I couldn't get rid of, yes I am OCD, so I am going with CarPro DLux next. CarPro DLux is a wipe on and walk away so it's a little bit easier to use.

And this was done around a month ago and still looks the same today! It doesn't wash off and still is BLACK like it is suppose to be. :)

I have used pretty much all of the black trim products and none restore the look while protecting like the new coating products from 22ple and CarPro. Save yourself time and money and just buy the one time solution.
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