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After washing and claying my daily driver Camaro, application of Mothers Synthetic Wax was finished last night. It has cured for over 12 hours, and will be topped by Pinnacle shortly. Figure I'll review the Mothers Synthetic Wax first.

- I applied by machine for this product. The bottle indicated hand application was an option.
- the product is a tad watery, but much more manageable than BlackFire. Over application wasn't really an issue.
- Mothers claims Synthetic Wax has some ultra-fine polishes, and when applied by machine, it does appear to clean up and increase shine a bit. Nothing dramatic, but on a daily driver, it saved me the step of using a pre-wax cleaner.
- no harsh smell. It didn't really seem to stain trim at all, if wiped away quickly. I didn't allow any to sit long enough to see if it can dry on and stain.
- it was pretty easy to get a very thin uniform coat during application.

- the instructions said to do a panel at a time, allowing the product to dry to a haze before removal
- I found a each thin layer would dry to a haze quickly. A couple minutes was more than enough time
- removal was a breeze. No residue or streaking, and buffed off very easily with a microfiber and minimal pressure.
- after the first few panels, I started leaving panels to dry for longer. Doing a front fender, door, and rear fender, before heading back to the first fender for removal. Still wiped off pretty effortlessly.

- the product contains some polish, as the bottle advertises the ability to bring out gloss and luster. I found this to me mostly accurate.
- the overall looks is very shiny. Giving the impression of hard candy shell.
- the look was also very clear. If this paint had metal flake, I'm sure it would pop.

- the application and removal was extremely easy.
- the look is great. If you like a bright glossy shine, this product won't disappoint.
- also ideal if you're applying by machine but want to skip the polish and/or prewax cleaner step. Though it is not marketed as a "Cleaner Wax" I found it to do that job adequately.

For around $9-$10 for a 16oz bottle (versus $40 for 16oz of BlackFire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection) I'm very pleased with Mothers California Gold Synthetic Wax. It is definitely better, in my opinion, than Mothers FX SynWax and Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax 2.0. I won't go out and say it is outright better than BlackFire, because BlackFire is very impressive... but for the price? Would you rather have one bottle of BlackFire or four bottles of Mothers Synthetic Wax? I think Mothers represents a far better value, for sure. And don't get me wrong, it is no slouch compared to the boutique BlackFire.

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