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Ive always and only used the cheaper Meguiars Deep Crystal wash and its always been fine with me, The most recent bottle i purchased has carnuba wax imbedded in its formula. Always looks great but i still polish and wax the car after a good wash, either the same day or a day or two later when the cars still clean.

ONE thing for sure,, why do people use the spray-brooms at the local self wash? ARE PEOPLE CRAZY!! all the dirt grime sand and rocks from the last 1000 people as well as all thats picked up from the ground resides in the bristles and people just go and rake it across there cars ruining the paint,and scratches galoure! Never Never use those things, just get a rag and a towel thats it, the high pressure spray will take care of any grit on the surface.

An to be honest, I just about never goto an automated car wash, the chemicals they use (depending on the location) can easily strip your cars clearcoat. If youve notice how people that go to em, there cars paint look clean but somehow thin.. not deep or rich, and you always see swirls, all for the same reasons as mentioned.
Brushless car washes are a bit better but again, the chemicals used could be very VERY bad.

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