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Originally Posted by Char259 View Post
How do you apply the polymer sealant, is it apply and buff off?
Depends on the brand. Mothers FX SynWax, Meguiar's NXT TechWax 2.0 and Ultimate Wax, Zaino Z-CS Clear Seal and Poorboy's EX-P, are all examples of popular synthetic polymer sealants. Some brands like Poorboy's, Zymol, Armorall, and Eagle1 have specific wheel sealants or "protectants" specifically designed for use on wheels.

I would just follow the instructions on the bottle of whatever product you choose to go with... but the same sealant's i use on paint work fine on wheels. Buff on, let dry, buff off... then allow to cure for 12 to 24 hours without driving or getting wet to let the polymers set up and crosslink to bond to the surface.

I should add that a sealant is not 100% needed, but for me personally it's just an added bit of protection. The Mothers Chrome Polish does actually have some protectant in it and is fine as a stand alone product.
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