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My next comparison is between Poorboy's World Spray & Gloss Quick Detailer and Gloss Enhancer, and Mothers Showtime Instant Detailer.

Between the products, Mothers is the more affordable (about $7 per 24oz versus Poorboy being $9 per 16oz) and Mothers is also easier to come by. Mothers can be found on numerous online supplier websites as well as in stores like Kragen, Autozone, Pepboy's, and many others... Poorboy's is 9 times out of 10 only found online from boutique suppliers or direct from the manufacturer.

- Both products offer a simple spray on/spread/wipe off application process.
- The Mothers works well. Easy to mist on Very smooth to spread
- The Poorboy's was a little runny. it requires quite a bit of rubbing in to prevent streaking

- Both products saturate the wipe-off towel fairly quickly. You'll go through 3 to 4 microfibers in removal alone depending on the size of the car.
- The Mothers removes smooth IF the car has a fairly fresh coat of wax. If the Showtime is slow to buff off, it's time to wax again.
- The Poorboy's requires quite a bit of effort to buff off, and if not buffed well, will streak quite badly

- The Poorboy's made up ground here. Once buffed in completely it looked fantastic. It produced great gloss and actually darkened the paint slightly, leading me to believe it contains some Carnauba. (Which would explain the streaking)
- The Mothers is no slouch here either. It produces a great gloss and shine and makes a recently waxed car look "just detailed" in a matter of 15-20 minutes.

- For actually cleaning power, the Mothers wins. It makes quick work of light dust, dirt, finger prints, and sudden messes like bird droppings. The Poorboy's can handle fingerprints and very very light dust... anything heavier and they recommend to use their Spray & Wipe Waterless Wash
- Another thing to bring up is; the Mothers has a vastly superior sprayer nozzle. It has a simple on/off and sprays a great even cloud of mist. By comparison, the Poorboy's nozzle can be adjusted from off to mist to squirt. Squirting a stream of quick detailer? Not really needed. The mist setting on the Poorboy's kinda falls flat because it sprays more of a "O" ring of product instead of a fine mist.
- So, recap; The Poorboy's Spray & Gloss is expensive, has a lackluster spray nozzle, and is a bear to work in to prevent streaking. BUT looks fantastic.
- The Mothers is much more affordable, offers a better spray nozzle, is simple and easy to work with, and looks great.
- For Quick detailing and actual cleaning power, and a quick shine; Mothers wins... for a quick touch up to a just-waxed appearance and pure depth in minutes, I would say the Poorboy's wins ever so slightly if you exclude the price and workability.

I think i'll have to do a comparison between Spray & Gloss and Mothers California Gold Spray Wax next, as i feel it accomplishes the same tasks that Poorboy's S&G does...
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