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Originally Posted by Jim D. View Post
It might be nice to hear of your experiences.
It has been quite some time, but I remember the Aquanil, for a waterless wash, did not feel confidence inspiring. It had a somewhat overly watery feel on the paint and seemed to lubricate as well as, or worse than, most other companies quick detailers. The towel felt like it had excessive friction and dragged against the paint, and in some cases left some smudges behind after the first pass. A spritz of straight tap water has a similar feel.

After the Aquanil, I didn't trust using the Quick N Slick on exterior paint. Using it to clean door jams, I found it did an adequate job, but no better than any other product.

I would not say emphatically "Don't use their products!" But, I would say there are other products worthy of a good long look before pulling the trigger on CroftgateUSA products.
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