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I should add that claying removes contaminants -- if you have contaminants, then clay. Contaminants make the paint feel rough, drying is more difficult (the towel drags and also may pick up dirt), waxing can be more difficult, and using an instant detailer or spray wax is more difficult.

Claying should be done whenever necessary, usually once or twice a year, and before you wax.

Some contaminants can be stubborn, and sometimes another approach may be necessary.

Most consumer clays are safe for modern finishes, but some brands are better than others. Mothers has had the best-selling clay since we first introduced claying to enthusiasts almost 20 years ago.

There are professional clays that are more aggressive and they sometimes can remove stubborn overspray and other contaminants, but polishing is generally required because they can scratch the surface, so that's why they're "professional."

Claying with Mothers California Gold Clay Bar is safe, easy, and sometimes even fun. :)
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