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+1 on Mothers Showtime. But as stated, application is key and if the car isn't waxed, quick detailer won't do its job properly.

If you want something that will work with an unwaxed car, try a waterless wash. Some that I'd recommend that are available in a spray bottle and can be used like a quick detailer are;

Detailer's Pro Waterless Auto Wash
PoorBoy's World Spray & Wipe Waterless Wash
Optimum Opti-Clean

The main difference to keep in mind is that waterless wash is designed to clean only. It won't add any shine or luster, but will remove dust/dirt/grime better than a quick detailer. A way to look at it is, Waterless Wash cleans best but adds little shine, Quick Detailer both cleans and shines but doesn't do either one best, and Spray Wax adds shine best but doesn't clean as well as either a quick detailer or waterless wash.

I personally prefer to keep at least two out of three in the trunk to be prepared for various situations, as each one has its advantages under particular circumstances. Mothers Showtime and Mothers Spray Wax usually accompany the Saleen to car shows. Detailer's Pro Waterless Wash is in the boot of my girlfriends daily driver for quick cleanups of bird dirt and various road grime.
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