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Originally Posted by bandit67 View Post
The area Steve had his tent at last year was at the end of the Saleen Mustang area. I don't recall seeing anything but Mustangs at this particular rally over the last few years that I've attended.

The Sturgis Mustang Rally has a website:

I suggest you contact them with specific questions on how might best be a way to have Steve sign your vehicle while he's in town.
Yeah it's indeed only Mustangs. I wish I could trailer my Mustang with the XP8 but from what I've been told, Exploders aren't the best at hauling vehicles. The XP has enough power, just not good in controlling trailer at highway speeds should I lose full control over it.

I've been in contact with Ed Hinker who Jim D mentioned in the 3rd post. Real helpful guy. Sounds like I'll be able to park it near the area where Saleen will be set up at the show. Not sure where exactly yet but I'm hoping that becomes clearer by the time I get to Sturgis. He mentioned Steve is a real accomodating guy and that it shouldn't be a problem for him to make it to my truck. I really can't wait and hope it works out!

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