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Originally Posted by Jeepngli View Post
Haven't posted in awhile, been real busy at work. Figured I'd post up some recent pics and some mods from the past year. Still love my racecraft and wouldn't trade it in :)

First, brakes:

Subframes, Panhard, Kmember Brace with Torque limiters, UCA with pinion angle adjusted

And the biggest mod - HEADERS!!

The Gains: I gained close to 25HP from the headers alone. Very happy with them. And thats only 5lbs of boost too!

And a start up video: Can't figure out how to embed the video
what header's are them and i asume that is a che brace with tl's , any fitment issue's with the two. i just replaced all of the factory crap on the rear of my car (panhard bar -brace,lca's-relo brac.,uca with mount,swaybar also swarr bar 8.8 brace ). need the che brace with tl's now
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