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Thanks for the I'm getting a little nervous. It is an absolutely beautiful car that has both racecraft and saleen markings since it has the saleen ground effects and other components from saleen. I hope I didn't pay too much for the car. I found this description from that simply adds to my confusion. description:
The Saleen Racecraft 420S was a 2008 offering by Saleen Automotive based on that year’s Mustang GT. As opposed to other Saleen mods of the time, the 420S ditched a lot of the cosmetic flourishes and focused on finely tuning the vehicle’s performance. While the Saleen name has never been synonymous with subtlety, the 420S puts the driving experience ahead of the bells and whistles, resulting in a car that’s budget friendly without sacrificing thrills on the track.

Here's a picture of the car...only 15,000 miles with the super shaker intake, 3.73 gears...looks my opinion..... Any thoughts on value?

 photo 836dac06-2a98-435c-b4d0-7b079da7ad8f_zpsacsjmhsi.png
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