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Originally Posted by bbright1328 View Post
I'm currently in the process of buying a 09 Racecraft that had added options installed by Saleen. The owner stated that the car doesn't have the Saleen bumper/serial numbers but that it is accepted by the Saleen Club of America.

I'm new to the forum, so sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I'm trying to determine:
1 - how do I confirm whether or not it is accepted by the Saleen Club of America and
2 - does that make this model more rare/sought after?
Hi! Welcome to The Saleen Forums @

The Racecraft 420S was offered by ASC/Saleen as a value priced enthusiast vehicle. In 2008 this package helped to clear remaining 2008 Mustang GT pool chassis'. For 2009, most of the Mustangs produced by ASC/Saleen were Racecraft 420S editions.

1 - The vehicle is accepted by the Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club. We have a forum dedicated to this model.
2 - 2009 model year marks the last year for Saleen, Inc. This version of the company went from 1992 - early 2009.

Originally Posted by tfalk View Post
Saleen INC does not recognize it as a Saleen since it was produced by SPV/MJA/Revstone/whatevernametheywereusingatthetime and Steve was not part of those companies at that time..... I have the same 'issue' with my 2011 SPV... That being said, they are pretty cool cars, a friend of mine has one...
The 2010-2012 vehicles produced by MJ Acquisitions and Revstone are different animals. There are no available production records for these vehicles.

Vehicles produced by Saleen Autosport, Saleen Enterprises, Saleen Performance, Saleen Inc... from 1984-2009 are not a problem. I would not expect detailed records or history for a 2008-2009 Racecraft. This is an unserialized car and unserialized cars have limited historical support. Always the case.

Originally Posted by bbright1328 View Post
Thanks for the I'm getting a little nervous. It is an absolutely beautiful car that has both racecraft and saleen markings since it has the saleen ground effects and other components from saleen. I hope I didn't pay too much for the car. I found this description from that simply adds to my confusion.
For the 2009 Racecraft you are looking at. The body kit, wheels and SuperShaker are not factory features. A Racecraft was: Mustang GT, with Saleen Series VI supercharger, Racecraft suspension, 18" wheels, decal package and a few interior identifiers.

Attached are photos of a stock 2009 Racecraft.
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