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I use Mothers Showtime, clay bar, and SynWax on my PJ. What I liked about the SynWax is, I can apply this product over the matte black decals with no worry of stains or damage.

I am a longtime Quik Detailer user. Since the late 1990s (1997-98?). I like the Meguiar's scent over Showtime and yes, Quik Detailer can streak. It has been my belief the streaks happen if the exterior of the vehicle start to heat up. With the vehicle in a basement or garage, I have found it less likely to streak.

I will also admit Jim slowly converted me into a Mothers user. Outside of their Mag Wheel polish and Back-To-Black, I rarely used their product. I think Mothers Hot Wheels Wax converted me. I liked how this wax made my departed SHO look shinny. Even with all the battle scars of street parking and sitting outside 100% of the time.
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