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Originally Posted by 1hot281 View Post
Awesome! I'm guessing the paint restoration system is more aggressive than the older Mothers 3-Step "Ultimate Wax System?"

I'm looking forward to the Back-to-Black Tire Renew. The current Mothers Back-to-Black Tire Shine, and Mothers Reflections Tire Care are two of the best tire products I've ever used. No product sling on to paint, and very long lasting.

The 3-Step California Gold Ultimate Wax System -- Pure Polish, Micro-Polishing Glaze, and Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax -- is a great system, and very friendly by hand or consumer random-orbital.

The new Professional Rubbing Compound and Finishing Polish are refined formulas developed for high-speed machine, and very friendly to use with a consumer random-orbital as well. Completely different products, and they are able to do more correction. Follow with your favorite wax, and I'll suggest our California Gold Synthetic Wax.

Tire Renew is a great cleaner, leaving the tire looking like new and great on its own, or ready for your favorite dressing.
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