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TSBs, Install Manuals and Service Documents Technical Service Bulletins and other resources to help you keep your Saleen running in top form. Full access is available to forum registrants. If you can't find a document, please PM us or use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page with year, model and concern.

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Old 12-01-2014
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Default Q: How to inspect Series VI supercharger oil?

I have a question on this information below that was posted on the forum and I'm hoping someone can give me a little additional info.
I am new to the Saleen engineering and trying to educate myself on my fairly new purchase of an '07 S281 SC with 12,200 miles. While I have went through most of the fluids on the vehicle I have not done the Supercharger yet and I'm a little intimidated. See questions below.

1. All I want to do is check the oil and see if it's okay, but not get in over my head or pay someone for something simple I can do. One of the Saleen manuals mentions that it takes NYE Synthetic oil #605. If it's low can I just use any 5w-50 synthetic oil to top it off? It does not seem too difficult like mentioned below, but want to confirm this.

2. Is the oil plug location in the same place for all '05-09 Saleen Superchargers?

3. Manual mentions it takes a pint of oil, does this mean you fill it to the top of the Allen plug? How do you tell if the oil is actually low without a dipstick?

Thank you for the help.

We've received a lot of questions by e-mail about the inspection and service of the twin-screw supercharger oil on late-model Saleens.

"The photo [below] shows the location of the fill plug on the supercharger," says Saleen engineer, Andrew Gardner. "The plug is removed, but the threaded hole is visible on the [center] side of the photo. Several components have been removed in this photograph to show the location, but it is straightforward to find. The oil should be replaced every 50,000 miles and it doesn't hurt to check more often. The plug is removed with an Allen wrench, and it can be done without removing any other components."

Billy Tally, Saleen's former chief officer of technology explained to us some time back that the 50,000-mile service interval is on the conservative side. The high-quality lubricant used from the factory doesn't need to be changed as often as engine oil, especially since there is no exposure to hydrocarbons or other contaminants. It's simply gears rotating, and the unit really doesn't get all that hot.

Many thanks to these gentleman for assisting us with this question, and owners should routinely inspect the oil level should something unforeseen happen -- better safe than sorry.
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