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2007 Saleen/Parnelli Jones Limited Edition Or as Parnelli likes to call them, for "the Parnelli Jones/Saleen Limited Edition."

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Old 01-20-2017
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Default Install: 2014 Shelby GT 500 15" front brakes

Hi All

I like the way my 2014 can slow down and stop with it's massive big brake system. Especially on the track from 135 to 40mph, late braking.

The Six Piston Brembos that the 13/14 Gt 500 come with are massive and do most of the work.

Since I became used to my 500's "big brakes" I purchased a set of six piston brembos "take offs' from ebay (harder to find now) to try and put on my PJ. I have an assortment of 15" rotors already.

So, remove the Saleen 4 piston/14" Stoptech St-40 caliper and bracket and #%@&! YEA!

They fit with the original PJ wheels.

NOW...... the clearance from the caliper outer "shoulders" are at .030" from the rim barrel and it's inner balance weight are not even close. The spokes are way clear.

080" is advised on the Ford racing Big brake upgrade. The pad retaining pin is around 1/2" clear. That would have been a problem had the pin not cleared.

So, I'll belt sand (with love) a tiny bit off the top of the caliper, and heat paint the caliper.

I may leave Brembo logo or have my wife cut a vinyl mask on her cutter and spray a yellow Saleen on the caliper as the original.

Might put the 14" big conversion brakes on the rears. Lets see how this does first.

For pads, even AutoZone carries these pads now, and cheap with life time replacement if not damaged metal plate.

American muscle has the entire big brake conversion kit for $1950, shipped. I was going to get that, but I was not sure about clearance to wheel and I have many rotors here.

My investment, $700.00 with pads/hoses and very very clean calipers.

I wonder if the 2016 GT 350 Front brakes would fit????? Hummmmm....


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Old 01-26-2017
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Nice conversion Steve, I think the Saleen decals will finish it off.
I went with the ZO6 6 piston PBR calipres and Baer 15" rotors on my '06 race car with the 14" Baer conversion on rear it all works well

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Old 01-26-2017
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Location: Upland. Ca
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Thanks AussieP

They make a very big difference in response and effort.

I'm probably going to put the 14" on the back with the OEM calipers. That should be street impressive.

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Old 02-07-2017
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Update on brake upgrades.

The 2013/14 Gt 500 Shelby brakes are on my PJ at this point.

The front brake set up are as shown earlier. The rears, I purchased the Ford OEM rear caliper brackets for the 13/14 Gt 500 14" rotors. $132.00

Then after shopping around on eBay, I found a guy who makes a billet aluminum adapter that sets my rear GT OEM caliper in the correct position to use the 14" rear rotor. So, since I can avoid removing the axles, I purchased the adapters. WOW. in around 30 minutes you can have 14" rotors on the back. On the TRACKMUSTANG site, this upgrade has been track tested for many years with out failure. For street use it will be over kill. Good.

Total cost of rear brake upgrade:
Adapters $99.00 shipped.
14" steel non high carbon slotted rotors from 88 Rotors, El Monte, CA. $100.00 will call. ( Discounted a bit for local performance shop account).

I put new ceramic pads to bed in with new rotors $40.00

Basically, $240.00 for big 13/14 big brake on rears.

New fluid $20.00

Total for front and rear

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